drive my car

Lombard Street
San Francisco, CA

baby, you can drive my car
yes, i'm gonna be a star
baby, you can drive my car
and maybe i'll love you
- the beatles


like a star

San Francisco, CA

just like a star across my sky
just like an angel off the page
you have appeared to my life
feel like i'll never be the same
just like a song in my heart
just like oil on my hands

- Corinne Bailey Rae


escape from alcatraz

on june 12, 1962, three inmates escaped from alcatraz.  frank lee morris, john william anglin, and clarence anglin made dummy faces for their bunks and left the island on a raft, apparently made of lifejackets.  the three were said to have drowned before reaching the shore.  this photograph depicts a portion of their escape route.